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An old temple complex at Kinhai, Maharashtra

One of my colleagues lives in Kinhai (which I believe) one of the most picturesque towns in the country. Surrounded by green fields and hills, and an old temple in the background, this place is the embodiment of peace itself.

The village in question, with great views 

Luckily, I happened to visit it with a few of my colleagues from work last year, during harvest season. This village is very remote, I don't think I could have gone there otherwise .The weather was great , the fields were ripe with produce and it was the perfect light to take some photographs. I have always enjoyed visits to old towns, especially remote ones. I enjoy looking at the buildings and the people. They live so differently from us, like they belong to another planet altogether. Here are some pictures I took of that place ..

An old temple dedicated to Rama 

The old temple complex begins 

Children climb down the temple complex 
Commands a magnificent view over the plains 
A deep sthamb in the temple courtyard. There is a much larger version ( two, actually) at Wai temple. 
Have any one of you been to the Wai temple ? Its gorgeous , hope to do a post soon on that.

Detail of the 'sthamb' 

Detail of the monkey on the Deep Sthamb 
The complex was so peaceful, I didn't even go inside the temple. Didn't feel the need ... 
Quiet and serene... 


  1. Wow! That pillar is amazing. Almost totem polish. What a wonderful little place!

    1. Yes , it was ! It is so remote , I would have never gone there otherwise :)

  2. I wonder how many untouched places Like this India has..thanks for sharing....and lovely pictures!

  3. Hi RITI,

    Loved to see, someone has written amazing things about the place I belongs. The temple is now renovated and it looks more beautiful. Keep writing. Hope to see some more snaps from my place soon :)

  4. kinhai is my town village n I m proud
    it's wonderful !!!!

  5. Great article, Thanks for your great information, the content is quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post.


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